We're in the middle of a cold snap, but meteorologists want us to freak out about the possibility of a New York hurricane this year. AccuWeather believes that New York City is overdue for a hurricane, given "current cycle of storms, pressure systems and above-normal water temperatures in the Atlantic." (The 1938 Hurricane just missed NYC, but hit Long Island, killing hundreds.) After Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Bloomberg said that Office of Emergency Management would be able to handle a hurricane, but the OEM is reviewing the plan from head to toe. You can see the OEM's hurricane and coastal storm information here and find out which evacuation zone you live in. Of course, areas that New Yorkers flock to on the shore, like the Hamptons and Fire Island are even more vulnerable. Gothamist thinks the only way to freak out is to demand the city explain what its plans are - we hope there are some town hall type community meetings planned.

The Weather Channel dramatized the possibility of a category 3 storm in NYC with the program It Could Happen Tomorrow; we interviewed Terry Connelly, the Weather Channel's general manager, and asked about it.