Getting the subway system back to pre-Hurricane Sandy condition is costing nearly $5 billion according to Governor Cuomo's office (that is a year of the MTA's capital budget), so one might understand why the MTA wants to hold onto every penny it can. But not everyone is so reasonable. Today the New York City Transit Riders Council (part of the Permanent Citzens Advisory Committee to the MTA) called on the Authority to compensate riders for Unlimited MetroCard days lost during Hurricane Sady—despite the MTA already saying it wouldn't.

"Riders holding activated time-based 7 and 30 day MetroCards that were valid on October 29 and/or 30 lost one to two days of use of Transit service through no fault of their own," the NYCTRC said in a statement. "The principle of equity demands that New York City Transit appropriately compensate any rider who was put in this position and can provide conclusive proof of loss."

And yet the MTA isn't too worried about equality. When asked if the MTA had any comment from this latest push to compensate riders an MTA spokesman simply told us "nothing has changed."

What to do? The easiest solution, one Twitter user notes, would be for the MTA that "future days lost due to weather are the MetroCard user's risk." Now that shutting down the MTA before big storms is a thing we do here that seems easy enough!