This is a haunting story: A 62-year-old who man who lived in the Rockaways died from drowning during Hurricane Sandy. But Keith Lancaster's body wasn't found until April, when a pair of friends finally visited his trailer.

It's believed that five feet of water surged into his home (based on the watermark in the home) and the Wall Street Journal notes, "A calendar on the wall hadn’t been turned since before the storm. Prescriptions and medications were scattered about." No one ever reported him missing, and the ME's office said, "It’s mind-blowing to everybody" that it took so long.

As for the sad discovery, it seems that Lancaster's neighbor, Doug Rommeney, was suspicious but a little fearful, telling the NY Times, "I didn’t want to just open the door and find him in there. I didn’t sign up for that.” He and his wife also only returned to the Rockaways occasionally after the storm, and at one point, when he expressed his concerns about Lancaster possible being dead to the cops, "The cops were like, ‘If you don’t smell nothing, leave it be.'"

Eventually, the owner of the property looked inside the trailer but did not see anyone, Mr. Rommeney said. The water had shifted all Mr. Lancaster’s belongings, leaving a pile of debris several feet high, obstructing the view from the door.

April rolled round. Mr. Rommeney ran into a friend who knew Mr. Lancaster. “He says, ‘What’s up with Les?’ and I say, ‘Who knows? He could still be in there,’” Mr. Rommeney said.

The friend insisted they go and check.

The friend found Lancaster's body on a bed. Lancaster has been buried in a potter's field on Hart Island.