Years from now, a group of children will learn that the only reason why they're around is because their parents were bored and decided to have sex during a terrible storm.

The NY Times has a story on the so-called "Hurricane Sandy babies" who were conceived during the dark days after the storm hit:

Late last October, Hurricane Sandy pumped six feet of water into the lobby of a residential building in downtown Jersey City, trapping Meaghan B Murphy and her husband, Patrick, in their apartment and leaving them without electricity for days.

Ms. Murphy, 37, deputy editor of Self magazine, is expected to give birth to her third child at the end of July. “We were content with two children; three were not in the plan,” she recalled. “But with no power, no TV, no lights, even without that much food, there was not much else to do.”

“And my husband is so handsome,” she added of Mr. Murphy, a 33-year-old private client manager for a bank. “I couldn’t resist.”

Hospitals are expecting about 10-30% more births this summer, versus last year. Dr. Warren Licht, the former chief medical officer and now a specialist at the hospital’s Women’s Health Center, said, "It makes perfect sense, that during a period of a prolonged loss of electricity, people take comfort in creating their own.” And Dr. Jacques Moritz, director of the division of gynecology at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center said, "This is just old basic physiology. There’s no Internet and no cable. What else is there to do?’" Internet—the technology god's form of abstinence?