If there is one small upside to Hurricane Sandy it's that the rebuilding effort is putting people to work. Construction companies are scrambling to hire enough workers to match demand and New York State has just announced that it will be creating 5,000 temporary jobs to help clean up and distribute supplies to areas hurt by the storm.

The state jobs are federally funded and should pay roughly $15 an hour and last up to six months. They will be available to unemployed residents in the communities that were most affected by the storm. Prospective workers must be unemployed and can apply for jobs by calling 1-888-469-7365 or by filling out an online form.

And that's not all! FEMA is also starting a separate program to hire New Yorkers to replace its own employees. According to the Times, the Agency says that "upward of 700 positions would be available as part of its program" to replace out-of-state workers with locals.

But the really exciting thing is that the jobs and work starting to pop up aren't all government funded. With so much damage done, the private sector is also scrambling to rebuild after the storm. And according to at least one economic group "reconstruction and related purchases and hiring may range from $140 billion to $240 billion and increase US economic growth by 0.5 percentage point next year, assuming $50 billion in losses." Just don't try and claim those storm days as anything besides vacation, mmkay?