Hurricane Irene isn't even here yet, and it has already ruined so many things, from Freshman move-in day to the Dave Matthews Band Caravan festival. And now you can add true love to that list: bride-to-be Rona Geller reluctantly called off her Long Island nuptials which were supposed to happen on Sunday. "It was the hardest decision I ever made," Geller told the Post.

Geller initially tried to ignore the depressing weather updates, because she didn't want to be "one of those panicked brides." But eventually, she and fiancé Michael Field realized they had no choice in the matter—they now plan to wed on Oct. 16. Ironically, Field is the nephew of meteorologist Frank Field, and cousin to TV weather-watchers Storm Field and Allison Field. Also, Field's brother, Joe, married wife Robyn during Hurricane Bertha, a Category 3 churner that hit Long Island in 1996.

And they weren't the only couple whose visions of a romantic weekend were pulled out from under them: Melissa Cook and fiance Jason Archbell had their Saturday wedding plans ruined—ironically, Hurricane Earl stopped them from getting married last August. Philadelphia couple Danielle Costo and fiance Kris Dufner had their weekend wedding ruined.

Christine Hofnagel and groom-to-be Marshall Feaster had to get married in a rush on Thursday,when their weekend wedding in Albany looked unlikely to occur. Erica Rush and fiance Clay Jackson also moved their wedding up several days to avoid the hurricane.

And Hurricane Irene even ruined the wedding plans of another Irene—Irene Rios and her fiancé, David Knauf, were supposed to get married on the beach at Savin Rock this Sunday afternoon in West Haven. Things aren't looking so good now: "If we could get a Vegas view of this, the odds of this happening are impossible I would think," Knauf said. When it comes down to it, Hurricane Irene seems like a real piece of work.