So you live in a Zone A area and have been told to evacuate—what to do about your pets? Take them with you! Because of the evacuation (and the imminent shut down of the MTA) you are allowed to bring Fido and Mittens for a ride on the subway. But before you pack up your four-legged friends (and other pets) there are few things you might want to do...

Just like you ought to make a go bag for yourself (you did that, right?) you should make one for your little buddies, too. That means a week's worth of food (just in case) along with a can opener if their food needs it. You'll also want to bottle up some water for them—you wouldn't want your buddies to be drinking anything you wouldn't drink. For cat owners, you probably want to bring along some kitty litter (mix it with shredded newspaper to make for a lighter load), but don't worry about the litter box: Just pick up a cheap aluminum broiler pan from the supermarket and you can throw it away when you are done.

Further, you'll want to pack up any medicines your friends might need along with a few of their favorite toys to keep them calm. And if you haven't gotten your pet microchipped? Make sure their collar is up to date! Worse comes to worse make a makeshift one!

But really the most important thing? For the love of all things cute, don't leave your pets behind unless you absolutely, positively must!