New Yorkers are really getting into the Hurricane Hysteria. How can we tell? Well, amidst all the preparation citizens and the city are doing, perhaps you've noticed that has been down for most of the morning! It hasn't worked for us since before 9 a.m.

201108_outage.jpgIn a tweet earlier this morning the city's Chief Digital Officer apologized for the outage while giving specific links (which were also frequently down) to find the city's hurricane evacuation map (we've included it below for your convenience). And the city's main Twitter feed just put out a similar tweet. Which means, damn, a LOT of people must be trying to access the city's website. We've e-mailed to find out just how many users it takes to take down but have yet to hear back.

Update: Sometime after noon the city got back up. Well, they got a temporary site up with just Hurricane Irene information. Which is better than nothing!