According to a recent profile in the Times, Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. enjoys "cultlike devotion" from a band of fervent supporters, who made a hagiographic short film titled The Espada Odyssey: A Profile of Courage, Compassion, Perseverance and Leadership, which is set in part to the theme from Superman and includes a shot of Espada superimposed against a lone wolf howling at the moon. (Watch here!) But the infamous Senate coup leader seems to see himself less as a wolfman and more as a catastrophic weather pattern. While visiting a farm accused of exploiting migrant workers, Espada has a confrontation with the owner, who says, "I know you. The traitor, right?" According to the Times, "Espada’s smile faded and his face reddened. 'We need to have a little coup in here... You think I did something to the Senate? Wait till I get through with you.' He threw his hands toward the sky, where thunderclouds gathered. 'Hurricane Espada is going to turn this place upside down!'" Later, the Hurricane explains that the Democrats have lost their identity, and he's "going to help them find their soul." Something tells us they're gonna need some FEMA trailers up in Albany.