2008_08_huntspt.jpgCommunity leaders in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx tell the NY Times that they are not happy with the way their neighborhood is portrayed in its Wikipedia entry. Josephine Infante, the executive director and founder of the Hunts Point Economic Development Corporation, says she has a problem with several assertions on the Hunt Points entry, such as the one that "many, if not most men in the community have been arrested at some point in their lives." Infante says that the portrait of Hunts Point as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation is out of date as crime has been down for years. Yet she has opted not to edit the entry herself because she says, "it should be an entire community that writes.” Infante did not comment how big of an influence the four HBO documentary specials "Hookers at the Point" may have had on the Wikipedia users take on the neighborhood.