A Hunter College student was arrested yesterday for molesting three Manhattan boys in his care. Jonathan Then, 20, was "dragged out of class" by the cops yesterday morning and then charged with sexual abuse, predatory sexual assault and other charges. The Manhattan DA's office says the investigation is continuing: "We have learned that the defendant has been a live-in nanny and baby sitter for more than 20 families throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey, and that number is growing. Each family we have spoken to has given us names of other families who hired the defendant and whose homes the defendant has been in."

These charges come after Then was arrested for molesting a Brooklyn boy; the Post reports, "Last month, Then -- who went to a high school for gifted students in Connecticut -- was nabbed for fondling an 8-year-old boy he was caring for in Brooklyn Heights... That victim's 11-year-old sister convinced him to tell their mother." The Manhattan investigation stemmed from the Brooklyn investigation. According to the NY Times, the Manhattan boys were abused between January and April; the Brooklyn boy was abused in last month (his family hired Then on April 7).

Then is being held without bail and on suicide watch. The police also found child pornography on Then's computer in his Inwood apartment; the News said, "There were loud gasps from the gallery as [the prosecutor] described some of the perverted images of adults having sex with boys that were found on Then's computer."

Not only did Then baby-sit or work as a nanny for various families, he also "worked as a volunteer classroom aide with second- and third-graders at two elite private schools, Dalton and Trevor Day School," according to the Daily News. Trevor Day School told the News that Then was never alone with students while Dalton said Then worked there last year without incident. On websites where Then advertised his baby-sitting/nanny services, he specifically noted his skills with young boys, calling himself "Very boy-savvy."