2005_03_hunterintel.jpgDavid Bauer of the Bronx won the Intel Science Prize, bringing back the glory to NYC and $100,000 (in a scholarship) to his pocket. Bauer is a senior at Hunter College High, and his project for his new method of detecting toxic agents in the nervous system. He says that paramedics would be able to use it to detect toxins in patients, and given our current state, it's certainly a timely project. Bauer is not only the president of Hunter's science club, he also founded a nonprofit for social justice in Liberia. Gothamist will cease thinking about our considerably less impressive high school legacy and focus on how we preferred it when the contest was sponsored by Westinghouse and called the Westinghouse Prize. It was refreshingly old-fashioned to be sponsored by the makers of ceiling fans, garage door openers, and nuclear power.

The Intel Science Talent Search press release.

Photo from Newsday