Suffolk police have nearly completed their latest search of the Gilgo State beach area where eight bodies have been found since December. As of now it appears that the three additional corpses uncovered earlier this week are all that they will find this round, but the search is far from over. In fact it appears investigators are again looking for a link between the dead bodies found on Long Island and the four dead prostitutes that were found in Atlantic City in 2006.

With the grid-by-grid search for more bodies through the underbrush on the South Shore barrier island nearly complete (where "Nothing significant has been found" since Tuesday), investigators are looking to expand their hunt into neighboring Nassau County next week. According to the New York State Police, fifty state troopers will start looking Monday, along with State Park police and Nassau County cops, from the Suffolk-Nassau line to the Jones Beach tower.

According to trooper Frank Bandiero the new canvass will be "consistent with the Suffolk County investigation" though it is yet to be determined how long it will go on for.

And while they hunt, the families of the first four victims discovered on the beach are doing their part to keep their lost loved ones in the public consciousness by planning a candlelight vigil on the beach for June 11, the one year anniversary from when Megan Waterman, one of the victims, was last seen.

None of the most recently discovered bodies have been publicly identified by the police yet, other than to say that none of them match with Shannan Gilbert, the 24-year-old sex worker whose disappearance led to the discoveries on the beach in the first place.

Meanwhile, investigators are once again seeking a connection in the case with the batch of prostitutes who were found murdered in Atlantic City in 2006. The Post is reporting that it has now come to light that Kim Raffo, one of the AC victims, spent five weeks on Long Island with her husband shortly before her disappearance. "Our homicide detectives are in touch with the police investigating the Atlantic City murders," a Suffolk police spokesman told the paper.