2006_05_hipppo.jpgA couple stories worth passing along:

- A young couple was arrested and charged with having sex in public after, well, having sex in public. But not just any place: The Hippo Playground in Riverside Park at 6PM last night. The Daily News says their 2 year old was nearby and that other parkgoers watched them (and 6PM is definitely a busy time for the park). Spring is definitely in the air!

- First rule of East 3rd Street (besides not opening your door to strangers): Do not sit on any Hell's Angels motorcycles unless you own one of them. Because an Italian tourist sat on one and got a broken arm for his efforts! The tourist was knocked to the ground by two Hell's Angels (one might have been the owner), but no arrests were made. We guess that if you sit on someone else's hog, you are allowed to be manhandled.

- The missing truck full of millions of dollars of art headed to New York galleries was found in Florida at a trailer park. The culprit, the ex-con truck driver, had used his company's ATM card, so authorities were able to track his movements, finding him at his "his baby's momma's sister"'s trailer.

- Best Week Ever's blog has footage of Tom Cruise's Magical Manhattan Journey. We say this: If this stunt had been on Tuesday, we doubt there would have been a fire engine to spare for him to wave from. (More picture at what about the plastic animals)