In two separate discoveries recently, nearly 200 abused, dead and neglected animals were discovered in New York. At one home on Long Island, the final count of came to 114 dogs, an emaciated pony, three goats, one cat and 11 additional, but deceased dogs (found in the kitchen sink and bathroom tub). Newsday reports that 100 or so of the dogs are currently at the Huntington Animal Shelter.

The animals were discovered when firefighters responded to an automatic fire alarm at the West Hills home yesterday morning. Owners Michael and Marilyn Gladstein have since been arrested and charged with animal cruelty, including a felony for the emaciated pony. One of the responders said upon arriving at the scene, "It was sweltering and the smell was horrendous."

Meanwhile, Fox5 reports that 40 dogs were seized in a boarding kennel raid, which they say were allegedly victims of Marie Castaldo, founder of the Queens World Film Festival. She was recently arrested in regards to the animals, but also faces a number of charges that could land her behind bars for up to seven years.