Over the weekend, more than 300 paid tribute to Jasmina Anema, the six-year-old who lost her battle to Leukemia last week. During her short life she met the likes of President Obama and singer Rihanna—both of whom sung her praises in their statements about her passing.

Jasmina's Sunday memorial service was held in the West Village, where the Daily News reports back saying, "before the service got underway, a string of mourners struggled to contain their emotions as they approached the tiny, white casket holding Jasmina's body. She was wearing a dress, of course, the color pink, her favorite. Perched above her were a stuffed animal and a photo of her December visit with President Obama." If that weren't heart-wrenching enough, ABC News reports that her kindergarten classmates sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

One mourner reflected on Jasmina's spirit, saying: "Through it all, she rarely complained or cried. She would often be more concerned with her mother's well-being than with her own."