2007_03_stbarn.jpgThe Department of Health and St. Barnarbas Hospital in the Bronx announced a nurse working has tuberculosis. The nurse worked in the postpartum, well-baby nursery, neonatal intensive care and psychiatric units, and has exposed about 700 people, including 238 babies, with TB.

The Post explains tuberculosis "is a contagious infection that typically attacks the lungs, and can be fatal if untreated." And newborns are especially vulnerable. And the NY Times spoke to the director of the Bureaur of Tuberculosis Control, Dr. Sonal S. Munsiff who said the risk of getting TB "is greatest in the first year after infection."

This strain happens to be drug-treatable, and the DOH is urging anyone in those St. Barnabas wards between November 1, 2006 and January 24, 2007 to call (718) 960-3624 to find out if they were exposed. Here is more information about TB from the DOH.