Union jobs are coveted, because they offer the well-paying and usually secure positions—which is why hundreds of people have been camping out for the chance to apply for apprenticeships at Local Union 46, the metallic lathers and reinforcing ironworkers union. The first person in line outside the Queens shop got there last Sunday.

Tomorrow morning, 500 applications will be distributed and apprentices can make $18/hour. According to WCBS 2, bracelets have been handed out to the first people in line, but "some applicants have already been eliminated from the process for missing the daily roll call, this has prompted others to line up and take their places... Applicants are given bathroom breaks, and some of them have gone home to shower. The week-long wait adds to an already tense interview process."

One woman said to WCBS 2, “I have two degrees in business and I’m here. I graduated from Monroe College in 2010 and I havent been able to find a job in my field," while one man told NBC New York that he came from Phoenix, Arizona, "Once I found out, I hopped on a plane a flew over." A spokesman for the union said, "We believe in meeting the prospective clients and seeing if they really want to be a part of this organization. Naturally we had hoped they wouldn’t be lining up a week early just to get an application." This is so... 2008.