Our colleagues at Torontoist provided balls to the wall coverage of the protests surrounding the G20 summit in Toronto over the weekend. Police cars were set on fire, tear gas canisters were shot at demonstrators, and riot police charged into a crowd of protesters singing "Oh, Canada" (though who could blame them?). All in all, more than 600 people were arrested, a number that included protesters, reporters, civil rights monitors, and innocent bystanders. Not exactly NYC RNC arrest numbers, but still impressive for our ostensibly polite brethren in the north. One veterinarian and his wife even awoke at 4 a.m. Saturday to find cops in their bedroom pointing guns at them.

"I thought it was a bad dream. Basically I woke up, and there were four police officers in my room," Dr. John Booth told CBC News. Police were raiding the house in search of anti-G20 protesters (found on the first floor). They dragged Booth outside in handcuffs, telling him they had warrants to search his apartment, which they proceeded to do, despite his insistence that neither he, nor his wife, nor their six-month-old son were involved in any protest activity. Finally the cops realized they were looking for someone else, named Peter, and let him go. Amnesty International, among others, is calling for an inquiry into how police handled the protests and "turned Toronto into an armed camp."

Of course the protests, most of them nonviolent, did not seem to have any effect on the leaders of the world's biggest economies as they met to agree on ways to reduce debt. At the end of the summit, the nations agreed to a non-binding timetable for cutting government deficits in half by 2013. The final consensus called for deficit reduction "tailored to national circumstances"—an acknowledgment that some economies, like Japan, are dependent on domestic borrowing. At the summit's conclusion, President Obama said that the G-20 agreement was in line with budget plans already announced, according to the Times.

Below, video of the protesters' "Oh, Canada" segue into police beatdown.