2005_07_humidweather.jpgExcellent! Apparently it's normal to be in a foul mood over this descpicably humid weather! The NY Times calls it the "Grumpy Factor" - New Yorkers have been acting like wittle babies because it's so hot and sticky. A doctor tells the Daily News it's a "thermo inversion": "With little breeze, the polluted air sits stagnant, irritating eyes and making air passages more sensitive to pollen." Hmm, is that enough of a reason to call in sick and spend the day at a rather empty movie theater - movie marathon, perhaps? The temperature is going to hit around 90 degrees today, but the dew point means the heat index is 100 degrees - drink your water! Gothamist hopes that one day the news will include temperatures in the subway, because we're sure the Times Square stop will be around 115 degrees and stinky. Please, Mother Nature, a little rain!

How are you surviving? Not leaving your office for lunch? Or chewing ice? Tell us - we need ideas, we're just trying not to talk to people at all for fear we'll snap. And a movie all about a hot summer's day: Do the Right Thing.

Photograph by James Estrin/NY Times