crazyhair.jpgHumidity is one of the most important measurements that weather observers make because the amount of water vapor in the air can help determine whether it’s going to rain or snow. And as you’ve probably learned, knowing the percentage of humidity before you walk out the door can be extremely important because of how it effects your hair. While this might not be ground breaking news to you we thought you might find it comforting to know that this ‘bad hair day’ concept is not just in your mind. Hair is actually used in scientific settings to measure relative humidity through something called a hair hygrometer.

The length of a strand of human hair changes with different relative humidity. The hair hygrometer uses strands of human or horsehair attached to levers to show even the slightest change in hair length. These levels of change correspond to specific levels of humidity in the air.

So, what can you do on days like today? Mark Garrison of the Mark Garrison salon confirms that humidity has a ‘truth serum-like’ effect on hair. He suggests “whatever your hair’s natural texture and tendencies will reveal itself in balmy weather.” So, when it comes to humid days and your hair Mark suggest not fighting it. Go with your hair’s natural texture by allowing curly hair to go curly (but don’t forget the styling aid) and if your hair is naturally straight leave the curling iron behind.