The weather today promises to be much calmer than yesterday's wild ride. Winds out of the north promise much drier, and slightly cooler, conditions today. The most weather we'll see is a few fair weather cumulus clouds this afternoon and a high in the mid to upper 80s. No need to worry about a plague of locusts. Yet.

Dry weather will be short-lived. The high pressure system above us will slide offshore overnight and the wind will become southerly by tomorrow. Saturday's high will approach 90 degrees. The return of warm, humid air also calls for a chance of showers or thunderstorms late in the day on Saturday. The rain should stay just north of the city but we may see a stray shower.

What's kicking off those showers is a cold front that looks like it will pass southward through the city on Saturday night only to reverse directions and come back as a warm front on Sunday. There's quite a bit of disagreement on the specifics of Sunday's forecast. In general it will be another warm and humid day with a chance of late afternoon showers. Or not.