The Humane Society of the United States has weighed in on New York City's—and the Port Authority's—plan to cull/kill/gas 2,000 geese. The city perceives the geese as a threat to airline safety, given that geese took down US Airways Flight 1549 (Mayor Bloomberg reiterated on his radio show, "We're trying to strike a balance. In the safety of flying, the public trumps the rights of the geese"), but the Humane Society says, "The best and most lasting solution to secure the safety of air travelers as well as preserve wildlife is to reduce the attractiveness of airport-vicinity open space to animals such as waterfowl and to limit access to other creatures."

Additionally, the Humane Society explains, "Canada geese, in particular, can be successfully managed with nonlethal techniques including hazing, aversive conditioning, egg addling and landscape management"—scarecrows and balloons help scare geese—"In short, geese are not attracted to places that are not attractive - and that simple approach should guide airport area managers. Such an approach was proposed for New York City and unfortunately rejected."

It also turns out that the geese that hit Flight 1549 were migratory birds—which means that killing geese that nest in NYC parks and near airports might not necessarily solve anything. There's a petition to stop NYC's goose-gassing plan.