Dunh dunh DUNH - Election Day is finally here. Expectations are that many people will head to the polls. New York City prepared for the possible surge by buying 400 used polling machine from Georgia ($731,000), for a total of 7,964 machines across the five boroughs. Some think that since New York is a blue state, the turnout won't be that high, Gothamist believes that many people are excited just to add their voice to the popular vote. And the NY Times reports people trying to through to the Board of Election website or phone line were faced with unresponsive websites or busy signals. Plus, there are many other local races to weigh in on. In Newsday's endorsement, they sum up most people's feelings about our local offices: "Because Albany is so dysfunctional, we have raised the bar for endorsing incumbents. But when challengers were inadequate, we made no endorsement."

Again, check out campaign coverage from the NY Times, Daily News, and CNN. Here's the NY Times' endorsement information for the Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and local races. The Post opinion pieces sway to President Bush (we couldn't find local endorsements). You can check NYC's Voter Assistance Commission or call 866-868-3692 for your polling site if you still don't know.

Let us know about your voting experience. And if you have pictures, trackback to this post.