As we all cannibalize Brooklyn's present in a never-ending search for more authentic streams of revenue, it's important to remember to cannibalize the borough's glorious past as well. Enter Red Hoek Point, the second very large tech incubator plopping down in Red Hook, but the first one one that harkens back to the days when the Dutch settled here and someone would have burned you at the stake for witchery if you showed them so much as a graphing calculator.

Curbed has the renderings for the Thor Equities project, a 623,000 square foot campus (600,000 of it office space) that will be going up off of Beard Street where the unique Revere Sugar Factory once stood. The name, Red Hoek Point, is based on the area being called Roode Hoek by the Dutch back in the 17th Century. Although it skates a little too close to "Ren Hoek Point" for my tastes, and Thor should probably just go whole hog with "Pointe" for ultimate old-timey flavour.

There's a website for the "revolutionary campus on the Brooklyn waterfront" that just looks like a couple damn rectangles, in case you're interested in leasing space.

And if you're scratching your head and saying, "What ever happened to that other tech campus incubator thing that was going to change everything in Red Hook forever?" It's having some equity problems.