The cash windfall from a major marijuana money-laundering ring has gone up in smoke. Investigators recently raided an apartment at 153 Mulberry Street (next to the Italian American Museum) and seized $1.1 million in cash believed to be profits from a large-scale hydroponic pot operation. Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Daniel McGehean, the apartment's 32-year-old tenant, and Canadian national Richard Doyon, 37. (According to the Daily News, they also seized an incriminating photo of McGehean standing in a marijuana field.)

Investigators suspect the Bonanno crime family got a taste of the drug earnings, and special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan says it is "by far" the largest cash haul ever seized in NYC connected to a marijuana ring. According to prosecutors, some of the $1.1 million was headed to California to fund a Mexican cocaine buy, and the rest was supposed to go north to Canada. Last month investigators also arrested Dehran Duckworth, a drummer in the band Narhed, and real estate agent Richard Burke, who allegedly had a duffel bag containing 5 pounds of pot in his BMW. Both are suspected of involvement in the ring.