President Obama's been in office just eight months, and already the government is moving in to disarm the citizenry. Why, just the other day they raided Anthony Cortese's house over in Midland Beach, Staten Island, confiscating his weapons and dragging him off in handcuffs, all because he hadn't registered some of his firearms with Obama's thought police! Cortese says he's a big game hunter (he owns property up in the Catskills) and tells the Staten Island Advance, "I think it's absolutely horrible that in America, they would take away a man's hunting rifles. I have to fight to get them back."

But how can it be a fair fight without any of his weapons? Police, acting on a tip, raided the house on Friday, seizing four rifles and five shotguns in the bedroom closet of Cortese's 11-year-old son; three shotguns, five rifles and .22-caliber ammunition in the first-floor closet; 650 rounds of .22-caliber ammo and 192 M-series fireworks in the pantry; a gravity knife; a handgun in the garage; and a rifle on the front porch. They even took his imitation pistols. Oh, and 41 armor-piercing, aluminum-tipped rounds that explode on impact. Those Catskills bucks would have never known what hit them! .

Cortese believes a neighborhood drug suspect told police about the handguns, some of which are family heirlooms, because "it's no secret that we hunt and that I am a gun owner." Yep, everyone knows that, even the drug dealers—we can see that defense going over really well in court. Cortese is charged with one count of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, 42 counts of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, two counts of possession of an imitation pistol, and one count each endangering the welfare of a child, etc., etc. Even big game Cortese admits, "It's just a stupid move on my behalf. I just had them my whole life, and I never went and got a gun permit." But who knew Amerika would turn so socialist so fast?