Now that the MTA has selected Tishman Speyer to develop the West Side rail yards into Hudson Yards, a new period of public scrutiny will begin. The developer's plans will need to go through the city's public review process to rezone the western section, leaving plenty of time for potential modifications and opposition.

One decided opponent of the plan is NY Times critic Nicolai Ouroussoff. After being depressed by the five proposed designs, Ouroussoff lets loose in an essay today:

Like the ground zero and Atlantic Yards fiascos, its overblown scale and reliance on tired urban planning formulas should force a serious reappraisal of the public-private partnerships that shape development in the city today.

And in many ways the West Side railyards is the most disturbing of the three. Because of its size and location — 12.4 million square feet on 26 acres in Midtown — it will have the most impact on the city’s identity. Yet unlike the other two developments, it lacks even the pretense of architectural ambition.

And that's after calling the MTA's and Tishman's plan a "wishful fantasy" and "a damning indictment of large-scale development in New York." And while Tishman does have many holdings around the world, it's unclear how it will undertake a project of this scale--and from scratch (below is a photo gallery of some of Tishman's other NYC properties).

Overall, politicians seem happy a plan was selected, though some sound more guarded about what the process will bring (quite a few want more affordable housing added to the mix). Below are statements from various officials and figures about Tishman's selection at the Hudson Yards developer. Here are ones from Bloomberg and Paterson, more are after the jump.

Mayor Bloomberg: “The vision that Tishman Speyer has put forward will unlock the potential of the MTA rail yards and, in turn, the Hudson Yards neighborhood. The outstanding team that they’ve assembled and their unparalleled track record as one of our city’s pre-eminent developers absolutely merit the vote of confidence that the MTA board has given them.”

Governor Paterson: "The selection of Tishman Speyer will set the stage for construction of a beautiful, world-class development that will further the transformation of the Far West Side of Manhattan...The commitment by Tishman Speyer demonstrates to the world despite uncertain economic times, New York City is still a great investment."

Senator Chuck Schumer: "Office buildings, housing, open space and new jobs -- these elements are all critical to the development of the West Side and the future of New York City. Today’s agreement on the Hudson Yards will not only bring much needed revenue to the MTA, but will catalyze growth throughout the West Side and ensure that New York stays competitive in the 21st Century."

Senator Hillary Clinton: “I am very pleased that we are moving ever closer to realizing the full potential of the West Side. This is a significant commitment to open space, affordable housing and environmental sustainability that will also make a significant financial contribution to our public transportation infrastructure.”

Friends of the High Line: "Friends of the High Line commends the MTA’s, Governor Paterson’s, Mayor Bloomberg’s, and Tishman Speyer’s commitment to preserving the majority of the historic High Line structure at the rail yards, and we look forward to working with all parties to ensure that the remaining sections – the spur over Tenth Avenue and the full section along 30th Street – are preserved as well...The treatment of the High Line in Tishman Speyer’s bid shows considerable progress from the days when it was presumed the site could not be developed without its demolition."

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn: "The Hudson Yards represents one of the last great building opportunities on the West Side of Manhattan. Now that an agreement has been reached between the MTA and Tishman Speyer, the Council can work with the community to ensure that permanent affordable housing is appropriately incorporated into the project.”

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: "This project will create much-needed revenue for our subways and buses, and I am happy to join Governor Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, the MTA and Tishman Speyer in announcing that it is moving forward. As a participant in the ULURP process I look forward to continuing to work with the local community, the City Planning Commission and the City Council to help make sure that the new Hudson Yards meets the needs of the neighborhood, the city and entire metropolitan region.

State Senator Thomas Duane: “This has been a very exciting process, and I am pleased that the public had a chance to review the competing bids, all of which were of world-class quality. I look forward to the coming months as the MTA, Tishman Speyer and all the stakeholders continue to work together and plan together for this important site on Manhattan’s West Side.”