Who will stand up for the children in the $550 strollers? The Hudson River State Park Trust. Singer and guitarist David Ippolito, who has performed at Pier 45 at Hudson Square Park for a decade was fired last month "in response to repeated complaints from park users that he made them feel unwelcome and embarrassed them by singling them out over an open mic when they or their children made noise in the park," according a statement from the Trust. Take THAT, musician who asks for a modicum of public decency while performing!

DNAinfo spoke to Ippolito, who goes by "That Guitar Man" when performing, and he gave them a taste of some of the vile things he said to the children. WARNING: these aspersions are GRAPHIC:

  • When a toddler ran back and forth in front of the stage making noise during his performance on June 24, Ippolito backed away from the microphone and "used my standard line, 'I think he's getting a little bit late for the playground.'" A few days later the trust got a complaint against Ippolito for "kicking out a child."
  • On July 15, a game of tag erupted, and a mother "chased her child" around as Ippolio was singing. The child then tripped on a monitor cable and Ippolito stopped playing. "Hey parents, can you just make sure your kids are not being inconsiderate to the people around them?" he said over the PA. The families left, and he said the remainder of the performance was "one of the most fun nights we had." For whom, David, for whom?

Of course, even Hitler had his apologists, and thus Andrea Sluchan, who claims to have seen Ippolito perform "at least a hundred times," sees the whole ordeal differently: "I can assure you, I've never seen him be rude to anybody." Ippolito gets in one last shot against the poor patrons of the Hudson River Park: ""There are rude and inconsiderate and entitled people, and there always have been. If the Hudson River Park Trust is going to acquiesce to these people, who wants to work for them anyway?" He added: "You remember when you read a while back in People magazine about The Me Generation? They grew up and [had] kids, they're raising the next generation of rude people."

Mercifully, Sinclair Jennings Jr. & Max Gallico Acoustic Soul Duo will take Ippolito's place this Friday at Sunset on the Hudson. Show your support by playing tag at their feet. To get an idea of Ippolito's brash style, here he is performing in Central Park.