Yesterday, a memorial was held for five of the victims killed in Saturday's collision between a small plane and sightseeing helicopter. The service, at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral home on the Upper East Side, was brief and the hearses for the five Italian tourists—Michele Norelli, 51 and his son Filippo Norelli, 16, and their friends Fabio Gallazzi, 49, and Tiziana Pedrone, 44, and their son, Giacomo Gallazzi, 15—filled the street. An Italian tourist told the Post, "There are no words to describe what this family is going through. They went for a holiday and came home in a coffin."

The Daily News reports that Michele Norelli was buried with a ring with his wife Silvia Rigamonti's name—Rigamonti had decided at the last minute not to board the chopper with her husband and son Filippo. Rigamonti has a ring with her husband's name, and the Italian deputy counsel Marco Alberti said, "The family decided it would be a great gesture to purchase the rings because they came here to celebrate the anniversary."

The police revealed that a number of pieces of crash wreckage were found in the Hudson yesterday (the wreckage will be lifted later). And Rep. Jerry Nadler, on behalf of fifteen Congressional members, sent a letter to the FAA, demanding that NYC's "congested and dangerous airspace" be better regulated immediately. "Saturday's mid-air crash between a sightseeing helicopter and a small airplane over the Hudson River is a tragic and powerful reminder of what we have known for some time - that the virtually non-existent oversight of small on-demand aircraft must come to an end, particularly in New York’s heavily congested airspace."