If we've learned anything from Friday Night Lights, it's that when it comes to High School football, there is no such thing as overdoing it. It is a serious, brutal game that separates the tweens from the teens. Coaches work players hard, and if someone is lucky, maybe they'll get a football scholarship and escape their small town misery. But when a Coach gets into a charity game locker-room blowup with players that results in an assault charge, maybe it's time to take a step back and enjoy the pom-poms.

Tottenville junior defensive back Niheem Chavis filed a harassment report with cops yesterday against Moore Catholic HS coach Greg Rocco for allegedly pushing him during a brawl in Staten Island, which resulted in Chavis needing stitches above his eye. Chavis also filed an assault report against the Moore Catholic HS players involved in the brawl, although he couldn't identify who punched him out. The fight started on Friday during a benefit game for Iraqi war veteran Brendan Marrocco, in the Tottenville locker room, which Moore was using temporarily; Moore was losing badly at the half against a different school, Susan Wagner HS, when the Tottenville players barged in to grab their equipment. Coach Rocco allegedly yelled at the players to leave, and then people started throwing fists.

Chavis' mother, Keisha, demanded that police arrest Rocco: "It was a rough-up -- it was a grab-push. If we as parents do that, it would be called abuse...He had no right in saying anything to those kids. He should have been able to control himself," she told the Post. Rocco defended himself: "I was trying to get kids out -- not using any force. Things got heated on [Chavis'] end." At the end of the day, maybe this is why jocks can't have nice charity events?