2007_03_brawl.jpgIn an incident WCBS 2 calls "March Badness," a wild fight broke out last night at Madison Square Garden during a high-school basketball game between Brooklyn schools Lincoln and Boys & Girls. WCBS 2 has video that shows "a girl slapping a boy. The boy then swung around and tried to punch her. Other boys jumped him and then the NYPD moved in." And then:

Another image showed a cop pulling a fan over a railing and then other cops joining in as they beat him with billy clubs.

The male, who was wearing a brown jacket, was pulled over the railing by school safety officers and appeared to not be resisting, but four officers are seen beating him. Two of the officers struck the boy several times with their batons.

Dear God! Apparently the fighting started when a Lincoln player was fouled hard by a Boys & Girls player. Though a hard foul was called, the Lincoln player went after his opponent, requiring the refs to separate them. And fights broke out in the stands and moved into the streets.

Shots were fired outside in the streets near Madison Square Garden, but no one was injured. Other groups of teens had headed to Times Square, fighting with each other and with shop employees, including an incident where a girl took a pizza employee's hairpiece.

Police closed 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Oh, and Lincoln won, 77-50.