081408Lovecraft.jpgSince moving into a Brooklyn Heights apartment occupied by author H.P. Lovecraft in the '20s, a pair of roommates have been having some weird experiences. A picture "mysteriously leaped off" the wall, the hammer used to hang the picture disappeared, a Ouija board seance really freaked everybody out, and a humming noise has gone unexplained. One of the tenants, Nellie Kurtzman (daughter of famous Mad Magazine founding editor Harvey Kurtzman), tells the Post she doesn't believe in ghosts, but she concedes that the apartment, which Lovecraft described as "something unwholesome, something furtive, something vast lying subterraneanly in obnoxious slumber" in his story "The Horror at Red Hook," is weird. Or maybe Lovecraft is just pissed about having "two Jews living here."