On our walk to work this morning, we found the streets pretty busy for early in the morning, with people walking to work, stopping at coffee carts and nodding at each other in recognition that, yes, many of us were wearing sensible shoes. When Gothamist made it to our office, another building worker asked us how we got in. And it struck us: The socially accepted walls of silence were crumbling down as we were making conversation with others beyond the weather and how slow the elevators are! Sort of like the cold-weather, working Joe-or-Jane's blackout, the Transit Strike of 2005 will be fodder for many conversations - and missed connections! - to come. 2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgAnd the hook-ups? Please, we predict a lot of "Hey, I live near your office...why don't you just stay over?" offers. But not to us - we're about to set up camp in our office. We have our WetNaps, Febreze and deodorant!

Have you been chatting with your fellow pedestrians? Or were you a biker who made fun of that guy on the scooter? Tell us!