As the Democrats try to regroup and figure out if there is anyone who can beat Mayor Moneybags, it turns out that Howard Dean also considered running for Mayor, because if there's one thing New Yorkers like, it's a Mayor who will yell and get red in the face. The Politicker says Dean had spoken to associates about the possibility and notes Dean's NYC upbringing ("Park Avenue, Browning, off to Andover and Yale, then back to Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx"). If Howard Dean ran, that would have been some Democratic debate. And if the Reverend Al Sharpton ran too, it would bring down the house. Gothamist would assume Dean would be pro-graffiti, as he did give a speech during his presidential run in front of graffiti in Bryant Park.

Frontrunner Fernando Ferrer has been cautious with his campaigning - perhaps overly so - and yesterday Gifford Miller put his sons at risk for heat exhaustion with his campaigning. And we also like The Politicker commenter who offers the Dean stump speech: "We're gonna win in Brooklyn...we're gonna take Staten Island..we're going to the Queens---YEEEEAAAHHH!!!"