2006_06_bat.jpgThe events of an ugly June night last year were recounted by Glenn Moore, who was beaten by a group of men in Howard Beach. Moore testified during the trial of Nicholas Minucci; Queens prosecutors are trying Minucci on hate crimes, as well as robbery charges. Moore said, "I hear him hit my head like a baseball. Ding! Right above my right ear, back on the side of my head. I just see black and white. I'm just dazed." Moore's skull was fractured in the attack, and thought, We're black in this neighborhood and we're not going to get helped." Minucci has said that he and his friends chased Moore and his friends in the predominantly white Howard Beach because they seemed like they were going to steal cars and had tried to steal from him; Moore said though he and his friends tried to steal a car earlier in the evening (in Brooklyn), he and his friends were just admiring the homes in the area. Minucci's lawyer asked from Moore's prior conviction of car theft and tried to question the extent of Moore's health problems after the attack (the Times said he suffered "lasting damage to his hearing, vision, memory") by showing a picture the Post ran of Moore on a motorcyle, which Moore said was actually of his brother. So much for research.