While Anthony Weiner's staff was busy yesterday calling the cops on one reporter, the media was hard at work trying to figure out if that photo and Weiner's lack of "certitude" regarding it is a turn on for his constituents or if it has left them wanting. And while pols are licking their lips over Weiner's wiener worries, people on the street seem more confused than concerned.

Two Times reporters spent yesterday asking people on the street about Weiner's wiener and the results were pretty much what you would expect. “As a congressman, he should know better,” said one guy who knows every picture on his computer. “I would think everybody knows their undergarments,” a woman mused while another woman explained the "certitude" issue to the paper pretty simply: “How often has he had pictures of himself in his underwear taken, or in a bathing suit, or some nonsense like that? He doesn’t know.” And finally some people are just confused about the whole thing, wondering aloud why he would even "put it on YouTube."

The Daily Beast sent their team to the streets to poll 100 residents on how much the story will affect Weiner's reelection hopes and the answer was—so far—not much! "Even though many believe the infamous grey underwear did indeed belong to Weiner, a majority of respondents—71 percent—said the news hadn’t changed their opinion of Weiner."

Not that local politicians are too worried about what the people think. The Post got a slew of skeptical soundbites regarding Weiner's prospects that include Brooklyn Democratic chairman Vito Lopez's argument that "If [the scandal is] left outstanding, it could have damaging impact, even if it means the difference of 3 or 4 percent of the vote in a very competitive four-way or five-way race."

Finally, if you prefer to laugh at the mess the congressman has found himself wallowing in, the Huffington Post has collected Weiner's best soundbites, Jon Stewart last night gave the story an official sex scandal soundtrack, Stephen Colbert's tweets on the matter continue to be awesome (leading the Washington Post to write a great set of rules Weiner forgot) and somehow The Examiner thinks that Weiner's problem is comparable to naked pictures of Blake Lively (it isn't).