As you read this, you’re probably sitting in a super air-conditioned office, apartment, or café. Our advice to you is to stay put and allow us to remind you that it’s the hottest day of the year out there. In fact, Central Park is going to be the hottest it’s been since 1933 , the last August 1st when the scales tipped 100 degrees. Now Gothamist Health isn’t going to pretend to understand how the weather works, what with pressures and fronts and various Nino’s. But we do know that weather like this can seriously knock you on your ass. The mercury’s predicted to hit 102 degrees today but will feel well above that, with the heat index hitting 112!!! The Office of Emergency Management stresses the need for New Yorkers “to limit heat exposure and conserve energy.” Oh what would we do without the wiseness of our leadership? In response the OEM's warning, Bloomie’s gone and declared a state of heat emergency and an excessive heat warning will be in place from today at noon until tomorrow at 8 pm.

So. What to do? What to do? Easy:

- Keep yourself hydrated. (Finally get involved in office watercooler politics)
- Avoid exerting yourself outdoors. (i.e. Call in sick)
- If you go outside, stay in the shade. (Perfect for stalking your summer romance)
- Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes. (Chicks totally dig muscle t's)
- Take cool baths and showers. (You filthy animal)
- Be sure to stop in and check on people who may need your help: old folks, little kids, sick people.

If you feel sick yourself, get yourself to a cool shady place ASAP, loosen your clothes and drink some water. Be sure to be on the lookout for these symptoms though to see if you need to get to an emergency room.

If you don't have air conditioning or your unit breaks down on you, the senior centers-turned-cooling centers are back. You can find the nearest one here. Oh and please - if you do end up going to a CC, be sure to comment on what really goes on over there.

Oh, and (dare we say it) if your power goes out, (and if you’re the trusting sort), you can call ConEd at 1-800-75-CONED and ask them what the F is up. Who knows - with the company really being under the magnifying glass these days, maybe they’ve finally gotten their act together in time for today. The OEM’s official statement on blackouts is that “Power outages are common during periods of high heat. It is important to conserve as much energy as possible to avoid brownouts and other electrical disruptions. While diminishing your power usage may seem like an inconvenience, your cooperation will help to ensure that utilities can continue to provide uninterrupted service.”

Not very reassuring, but to reiterate, here are some energy conserving tips to help keep the lights from going out.
- Set your air conditioner thermostat no lower than 78 degrees; a 75-degree setting uses 18 percent more electricity and a 72-degree setting uses 39 percent more electricity.
- Only use appliances that have heavy electrical loads (dishwashers, washers, dryers) early in the morning or very late at night.

Other heat beating tips can be found here.

Photograph from nycjournal on Flickr