We've long been fascinated by the differences between Mets and Yankees fans, and though we've come to some tenuous conclusions on the inner-city rivalry (the consensus is the Mets have a better theme song), it's still hard to pinpoint what the real differences are between each teams' fans. Well, the scientists over at the WSJ laboratories were also intrigued by this question, so they outsourced their search to a polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted a survey of 650 male and female fans across all five boroughs. And the results...will shock you.

From their 445 pages of data, they've concluded that:

  • The Yankees are the more popular team overall, nearly twice as popular as the Mets. But there are the same number of Mets fans as Yankees fans in Manhattan.
  • Mets fans were 43% more likely to drink beer (and they drink more in general than Yankees fans).
  • Mets fans own more guns (11% vs 5%), and are more likely to bet on games.
  • Yankees fans are more "metrosexual": they drink more Starbucks coffee, they own Macs instead of PCs, and this might be how they are able to put up with A-Rod.
  • Mets fans had higher rates of marriage and pets, while Yankees fans were more often single.
  • Mets fans listen to "substantially more" sports radio than Yankee fans.

The conclusion seems to be that Mets fans care more...but the Yankees are much more popular. Very scandalous results. You can see a video below with some more conclusions from the WSJ.