Two lawsuits were filed in State Supreme Court yesterday in an attempt to slow the proposed plan for a West Side Stadium. While the arguments in each lawsuit differ, the goal is the same, to slow down the stadium proposal enough so that the 2012 Olympic announcement would come first. The idea is that the International Olympic Committee would reward the 2012 Games to Paris on July 6th and not New York, thus making the stadium unnecessary or unpopular without the Olympics coming to the city.

One lawsuit, filed by Cablevision, West Side residents, and a business owner, claims that the environmental study by the city was inaccurate. The other, by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign and the Straphangers Campaign, challenges the city's estimate that 70% of fans for the game would use via mass transit or arrive by foot.

The city, which would fork over $300 million for the project, says that the lawsuit filed by Cablevision is an "ill-disguised and frivolous attempt" by "lying monopolists"...nice. Very nice.