Dear Gothamist,

I'm sure there are other people who want Wiis but are much too cool to wait in line or fight for one. But they're still hard to come by. I need me some citizen journalism action on this issue. Where are people getting Wiis, if anywhere?

- Wah Wah Wii Wii

It's so true. The Nintendo Wii has been out for almost two weeks, but they are still moving off the shelves almost as fast as they are being stocked (600,000 units have been sold so far!). We asked a few Wii owners and potential Wii owners for their strategies and thoughts:

Wii Wanter

: I spoke to the Nintendo World Store today [Wednesday] and they said that they get them every morning, but they sell out within an hour. The guy said the person to get the last one was there at 5:30AM.

Wii Owner #1: [When asked where to find a Wii] In my living room, bitches! We suffered in line launch Sunday (and failed) and returned the next morning. But yeah, Nintendo World is the only game in town. Bring Cocoa.

Wii Owner #2: I went to Toys R Us at 3AM on Black Friday. No Wii shipment, by 5:30AM, then security kicked us out at 7:30AM. But I went back at 9:30PM at night and they had them - one per customer.

Maybe Wii Wanter: Stopped by the Nintendo World Store this morning [yesterday, Thursday 11/30]. Got there at 8:40, maybe down a third of the block, 50 people a head of me? By 9:10 they came around saying they were sold out. More tomorrow at 8am they say.

Our best guess: If you want a Wii, you need to brave the elements (hey, part of owning a Wii is the interaction!). Plan on going to the Nintendo World Store early - they seem like the one place consistently getting Wiis. You might have to plan on going another day, too, as the lines seem unpredictable. It's hard to say how early, because the holidays are coming up, people are probably more willing to wait on line during the weekends, and parents are rabid to get Jimmy and Jilly whatever they want on their holiday lists.

Elbow grease is necessary in order to eventually get Wii Elbow, so suck it up, dress appropriately and be nice to your fellow people in line because you never know when you'll need spot on line saved so you can run to a Starbucks for the bathroom.

Do you have any tips for Wii consumerism?