This Friday, Donald Trump will put his hand on not one but two Bibles and swear to uphold the Constitution, and somehow will deliver a speech that lays out whatever moral vision he has to govern America. Boy is that a bleak sentence. Well, as the updated Goofus and Gallant tell us, the right thing to do is get out there and get mad, so in addition to the rest of the month's anti-Trump actions, here's a bunch of marches and fundraisers and talks you can take part in for the rest of the week so you can give fascism the boot.

We Stand United Rally
We gave you a brief heads up about the rally the other day, but if you missed it, your favorite liberal celebs like Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Alec Baldwin, your favorite liberal mayor overseeing dangerous and unacceptable bottle conditions in New York City Bill de Blasio, and a host of other anti-Trump marchers will be in Columbus Circle on Thursday. The purpose of the rally is multifaceted, from standing up for the Affordable Care Act and contraceptive rights to standing against racial discrimination and income inequality. Plus, with the mayor and celebs there, what are the odds that the police run wild on this one?
FREE, 6 p.m., Thursday January 19th, Columbus Circle at 61st Street

ART x Resistance: Political Aesthetics in the Wake of Trump
People like to say "Well at least the art will be good" when talking about the Trump presidency. And while that's...probably not true, no one at this panel discussion will probably say that. Instead, this group of people like The Nib's Matt Lubchansky and graphic novelist Julia Alekseyeva will talk about how current events influence their work and where art fits in to political struggle.
FREE, 8 p.m., January 19th, Molasses Books, 770 Hart Street

Trump, Keep Out: A Planned Parenthood Benefit
Hey, who needs a drink? Trick question, clearly all of us could use one. Go get a buzz at Broken Lands, where every dollar you spend at the bar will go towards Planned Parenthood, who could use the money. Beyond the booze spending, throw some bucks (which will also go to Planned Parenthood) towards the night's raffle, where you can win prizes from Beacon's Closet, SHAG, Dandelion Wine and more.
FREE, 7 p.m., January 19th, Broken Land, 105 Franklin Street

U S O ver: The Beginning
Get down with some hippies on the official end of the Obama era. One half burlesque performance/concert/multi-media extravaganza and one part dance party, this bash sponsored by Rubulad will benefit your mood and more importantly the ACLU. Party like it's the end of the world, before you wake up and have to fight for a better one.
$15, 8 p.m., January 19th, secret location email

Thanks, Obama: A Dance Party Fundraiser
Donald Trump somehow convinced a few people he was the peace candidate, but he hasn't even been sworn in yet and he's already talking about huge military parades. It's only matter of time before America invades Scotland to liberate Trump's golf course from windmills, and in the meantime, a group like Doctors Without Borders could use some of your hard earned cash to fund their efforts worldwide. You could just toss them some money on your website, but you can also help them out by dancing the night away at funky Greenpoint dive The Call Box Lounge after Trump has been sworn in to office.
$5, 9 p.m., January 20th, The Call Box Lounge, 2 Lombardy Street

NYC Stand Against Trump: Inauguration Day Rally & March
Throw a (rhetorical) left jab the day of Trump's inauguration by jumping into a march with the likes of the NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, Occupy Kensington, Fight Back Bay Ridge and more. The rally and march starts downtown at Foley Square and heads to the Trump building on Wall Street.
FREE, 5 p.m., January 20th, Foley Square, 111 Worth Street

(Gretchen Robinette / Gothamist)

Staten Island Will Not Be Trumped #NotMyPresident
Staten Island might be the home of the giant Trump "T," but it's also home to people who aren't really that interested in a cartoonish celebration of a walking pile of unearned ego. If you're one of those people, meet up with your fellow residents of Shaolin and take the ferry with them in order to have a short protest at Whitehall and then to join the march with the DSA and company.
FREE, 3 p.m., January 20th, U.S. Post Office, 45 Bay Street, Staten Island

Don't Panic, Organize
Stop panicking and focus on what can be done. For example, we have Congressional elections in 2018, and it is never too early to get involved and make an impact. Democratic organizers Benjamin Yee and Al Benninghoff, who've cut their teeth on plenty of elections both in New York State and around the country will be at Union Hall to let you in on how to make it in America(n political campaigns). And then after all the lessons, there's free karaoke!
$5, 7:30 p.m., January 20th, Union Hall, 702 Union Street

Beyond Patience and Fortitude Kickoff
Patience is nice, but civic action is better. Or at least that's the attitude of this aptly named event which aims to educate and empower you. Get hands on at a button making station so you can make a "Civic New Yorker" button or make some protest signs, grab some free posters and stickers and a copy of Trump-age zine RESIST!. Also, fill your earholes with a performance of Aaron Copland's orchestral piece "Lincon's Portrait" and your eyeholes with William Santen's 16mm remix of Obama's first inauguration.
$10, 7 p.m., January 20th, City Reliquary Museum, 370 Metropolitan Avenue

Sign of the Times: Sign Making in Solidarity
The best part about protest is getting out on the streets and making a difference, taking up a physical space to show you and your concerns won't be ignored. The second best part is the signs. It's fine! Everyone should be clever or righteous or angry if they want to be, and a good slogan can propel a movement forward. Don't sit at home making signs by yourself though. Instead head to the Queens Museum, which will close for the day to host you, your friends and total strangers in an orgy of creation. Signs, posters, buttons, banners, if you can think of it, the Queens Museum will have the materials and the expertise for you.
FREE, noon, January 20th, Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Drink Pink - A Planned Parenthood Fundraiser
$2 beers: they're not just for minor league baseball teams working a gimmick to get asses in the seats! Today anyway, they'll be a force for good, with all the money raised by specially marked $2 beers at The Well going to Planned Parenthood. And if drinking all those beers isn't enough good work for one day you can buy $1 raffle tickets, the proceeds of which will go to Planned Parenthood as well, to win 4-packs of craft beer you can drink at home.
FREE, 4 p.m., January 20th, The Well, 272 Meserole Street

#WeAreHer - A Night of Female Empowerment
Lots of ugly things about America were revealed for everyone to see this past election, including the country's vicious streak of misogyny. Supporting some female musicians and DJs won't destroy the patriarchy all at once, but it can help. Especially when the money from this night of music and dancing will go to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, two organizations that will be out there fighting the good fight for the next four years and beyond.
$10-$20, 7 p.m., January 20th, Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Avenue

The Election Monologues
Get down to the Jalopy Theater, where six writers will be reading monologues inspired by the 2016 election and your entry fee will be donated to the New York City Food Bank. Will the monologues just be unending screaming? Probably not, but who could blame the readers if it was?
$10, 6:30 p.m., January 20th, Jalopy Theater, 315 Columbia Street

Anti-Inauguration Viewing Party
If you're not able to make it down to DC but you still want to join the conversation with progressive writers and thinkers, don't worry, Verso Books has you covered. The publisher will be hosting a viewing party of the Anti-Inauguration chat featuring the likes of Naomi Klein and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. And while the actual event is happening at the historic Lincoln Theater, the Verso viewing party will have something those jerks don't: pizza and solidarity through the sharing of BYOB drinks.
FREE, 8 p.m., January 20th, Verso Books, 20 Jay Street, Suite 1010

Inauguration Day Sneak Peak
Maybe you don't want to accidentally get carried away with $2 beers and make the drunken mistakes that often come with such cheap alcohol. But, you still want to help through drinking. Head to Industry City where brewers Wartega and Lineup and distiller Arcane will have some fancy beer and booze. In exchange for your ticket, the proceeds of which will go to one of three very good causes, you'll be entitled to four beers and a shot. That's a nice evening if you pace it right.
$35, 8:30 p.m., January 20th, Industry City, 33 35th Street, 6A

Handbills of Subversion
If you're of a certain age (lol if you're old), you might remember advertising shows using small handbills to get the word out. Say what you will about the instant reach of Facebook, but handbills did usually have better art than a Facebook invite. Revisit the era of handbills at this art show/fundraiser in which over 70 different artists create handbills reflecting the anxieties the coming Trump Era will tap into, and maybe buy one for $120. All the proceeds from the night's art sales will go towards Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, if you're on the fence about buying some art.
FREE, 7 p.m., January 20th, MF Gallery, 213 Bond Street

Women's March On NYC
The biggest demonstration of the weekend will likely be Saturday's Women's March on NYC. In the works for months, the permitted march to Trump Tower is set to begin on Saturday at 11 a.m. with speeches at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (First Avenue at East 48th Street). More than 49,000 people have said they are planning to go on Facebook, and organizers have said they anticipate as many as 100,000, so the march is set up to be highly regimented, including staggered march times, portapotties, sign language interpreters, volunteers to push people in wheelchairs, and medics and emergency therapists along the route.

The Women's March website has much more detail on how to figure out when your segment of the march is supposed to leave, but the short version is that if you go without registering with the organizers or telling Facebook/the FBI that you're going, they want you to come at 4 p.m. (Nathan Tempey)

Post-Inauguration Fundraiser Against Police Raids
The controversial practice of gang raids, which the NYPD is fond of publicizing, often results in mass arrests of innocent people who lack the resources to avoid getting railroaded by the justice system. One raid this year in the Bronx, termed the "largest" in New York City history, saw 120 alleged gang members arrested at once. Advocates for the defendants will be holding a fundraiser, including a panel discussion, film screening, poetry reading and musical performances, to pay commissary and legal fees for the defendants and demand a fairer justice system.
$10, 6 p.m., January 21st, Jalopy Theater, 315 Columbia Street

Call to Action: Make Fascists Scared Again
While it's comforting to know that sometimes they can't even do paperwork correctly, fascists are entirely too comfortable in America at the moment. The day after the inauguration, get together with activists to rally against hate and learn to build unified coalitions.
FREE, 6 p.m., January 21st, Corona Plaza

IUD Soundsystem Presents: a Benefit for Planned Parenthood
You'll have to get down and party here and there in order to keep yourself from going crazy. Still, you can put your dancing shoes to good use, like at this DJ night where the cleverly named IUD Soundsystem will be spinning indie, surf rock, girl groups and more. Buy plenty of booze, because a portion of the bar will go to benefit Planned Parenthood. Also try your luck in a raffle, that will also benefit Planned Parenthood, in which you can win vinyl from the likes of Sub Pop, Saddle Creek, Secretly Canadian and more record labels.
FREE, 6 p.m., January 22nd, Baby's All Right, 146 Broadway, Brooklyn