The trial of Jayson Williams, for the shooting of his driver, Costas Christofi, gives people a peek into the wining and dining former pro-basketball players do. Before Christofi was killed in Williams' NJ home, Williams was out at the Mountain View Chalet, having a grand ol' time. The waitress, who took the stand yesterday, said that Williams did not seem drunk, but admitted she wasn't watching carefully. She also said he was a regular there and gave a 25% tip.

The guests

: Williams, nine adults (two of whom do not drink; four Harlem Globetrotters)
The bill: $1,613.55 ($627.25 for alcohol and cigars)
Food, from the NY Times: Seven lobster-tail dinners ($251.65); a surf-and-turf dinner with extra lobster ($53.95); two custom-made salads for Mr. Williams, called "Jay's Salad,'' with extra greens and chicken, ($31.90)
Alcohol, as detailed by the Daily News: Four bottles of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay ($104); three Ketel One vodka and cranberries; five glasses of zinfandel; seven Coors Lites; two Remy cognacs ($120); Johnny Walker Blues ($90 - for cigar dipping)
Cigars: Eleven cigars ($190)

When tested 8 hours after the shooting, Williams' blood alcohol was 0.12, above NJ's 0.10 limit. However, jurors will not hear that as evidence because it was taken so many hours after the incident (i.e., Williams could have been drinking after the shooting, so it's hard to tell the state of his sobriety during the shooting).

Law & Order based an episode, Asterisk, on the case; in the episode, the driver was supplying the basketball player with steroids.