2005_04_flatironad2.jpgHere's a loophole in advertisement placement that we suspect can't last much longer. Last month a condo in Queens got a bit of press over two giant, and illegal, billboards located on the building advertising Elle Macpherson's lingerie line to commuters passing by on the LIE. The problem was the sign was just too big and too high for the area. As such, the city issued the co-op fines until the signs came down promptly 30 days later. The thing is, though, that because the signs, which the city admits aren't dangerous, came down within the time-limit provided by the city the co-op didn't have to pay a fine at all. All they had to do was collect the fat check provided for them by Elle's panties.

And so now, according to the Post, the same building is up to the exact same scam only now it's with Harry Potter's Goblet writing the check. Of course, condo officials claim that they were told by the advertisers that what they were doing was perfectly legal. All of this kind of reminds us of the H&M/Flatiron snafu from earlier in the year (left), but instead of the building being an architectural gem it's a condo in Queens. And, uh, the building keeps putting the ads up after taking them down.