2006_04_coleman.jpgNice work, NYPD. The Post is reporting that an al Qaeda expert from the FBI the police department hired has quit before he even started! Daniel Coleman, a former FBI agent who CNN called the "al Qaeda hunter", was hired ostensibly to bolster the NYPD's anti-terror efforts. But when Coleman asked the NYPD's Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence David Cohen if he spoke to the detectives on the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force, things when fubar. Here's how the Post explains it:

Cohen responded with derision and swear words, saying at first he didn't want to talk with the 150 NYPD detectives because he did not want to deal with the FBI's terror division chief, Chuck Frahm, whom he cursed out.

Coleman suggested Cohen needn't attack people personally, and that Frahm was a friend and former colleague.

Then Cohen really erupted, broadening his assault to include the entire bureau - railing about the "'f---ing bureau' this and the 'f---ing bureau' that, and going on about how the FBI was always withholding information," a source said.

Cohen was essentially saying, "F--- the FBI, we do what we want!" the source added.

After listening to the brutal diatribe, Coleman pushed his chair away from the table, calmly stood up and announced that he was resigning - before he ever technically started - and walked out.

Nice! The NYPD claims that someone is trying to drive a wedge between the NYPD and FBI with news of this resignation, but we read the New Yorker profile of Police Commissioner Kelly and how, after the London subway bombings, the FBI told the NYPD not to worry and Kelly was all "Dude, we already sent detectives to London."