An alternate on the jury in the latest police brutality trial was booted this morning by a judge who did not care for her "Who the Fuck Is Kanye West" T-shirt. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber, who is apparently a huge Kanye fan, cleared the courtroom the moment he saw 19-year-old Nneka Eneorj's shirt. "Do you think it's appropriate to wear a shirt that says 'fuck' on it in my courtroom?" the judge asked, with "anger in his voice" according to the Post.

Eneorj started to explain that she thought it was okay because she had a sweater on (a cardigan that didn't cover the front of the shirt), but the judge cut her off—just like Kanye would— and said, "You're excused." Still, the last word was hers; on her way out she remarked, "Sounds like a personal problem." Outside the courtroom, tabloid photographers followed her, taking her photo as the physical therapy student ranted rather incoherently, "It's supposed to be a First Amendment issue...But I stay apart. I don't open my mouth...They'd better give me my check back."