2006_07_23_urine400x.jpg Erich Fuchs and his neighbors are angry with their landlord. They think that he's been gussying up the building in which they live, 230 Riverside Drive, so as to raise the rents. That's an understandable issue to have, but then Fuchs went and took it to a gross new level. He poured a bucket of urine onto a construction worker from his 10th-floor balcony. Think about that. He poured a bucket of urine from his balcony onto a construction worker. A bucket. Of urine. So now his landlord wants him out. Reasonable, no?

But the story gets crazier. Not only does Fuchs have a history of landlord issues (he's been in Housing Court 13 times in the past 15 years), but he's also seemingly immune to HIV. So on the upside, Fuchs poured a bucket of HIV-resistant urine onto a construction worker from his 10th floor balcony.

Also, you have to love the Post hed and deck: "URINE, HE'S OUT: Landlord tossing 'pee-flinging' tenant"

Detail of Dog Urine (400x magnification) by Leonardo on flickr.