The Apprentice

Ha ha ha. The Donald's crazy 13'-by-25' foot banner on Trump Tower has been fired by city officials, who say it's illegal. And just a day after the New York Times wrote about how tourists LOVE it! The Donald's comment: "The fact that 'The Apprentice' is the hottest show on TV, they should be happy we're doing it in New York. The big complaint about the city is that it's an unfriendly place to do business," he said. "They should wise up." Yeah, but if a competitor put up a huge, ugly sign on their building, The Donald would be the first in line to bitch to the city. And dude, your sign has been up for weeks - you got good value out of it. But The Donald loves the signs: Trump hung a sign from the Trump International across from the Time-Warner Center, saying his building had the real Central Park views.

Make your own vinyl banner sign. And, boy, is Amy stupid.