This past weekend, direct action played a pivotal role in making sure that people swept up in President Trump's immigration ban weren't immediately deported. Here are some more ways this week to push for change and participate in the resistance to Trump's agenda.

Lower East Side Rally Against Hate
Councilmember Rosie Mendez, and other elected officials and faith leaders, will be gathering in Tompkins Square Park tonight "to stand together against the Trump Administration's Executive Orders targeting Muslims and all immigrants."
FREE, 6:30 p.m., January 30th, Tompkins Square Park

The Many Days of Pressuring Chuck Schumer
Senator Chuck Schumer is a crucial player in the Democratic effort to slow down and obstruct the Trump agenda for the foreseeable future, so much so that Trump is out there suggesting he was fake crying this weekend. Schumer got out to Battery Park this weekend and promised to work hard for New Yorkers opposed to Trump, but if you want to keep the pressure up on him you can lobby outside of his office today and on Thursday, and outside of his apartment tonight and tomorrow night.

Women's March Postcard Write-In And Happy Hour
A good thing to picture, and give you strength in this era of shit, is a member of Congress opening the door to their office and being swallowed by an avalanche of postcards telling them to stand against Trump. Help make it happen by hanging out, writing some postcards to your senator and of course, drinking.
FREE, 6 p.m., January 31st, Dream Baby, 162-164 Avenue B

No Ban No Wall! March For Muslims And Allies!
Everyone did good work this weekend, but the Trump executive order wasn't rescinded, and the best we're hearing from business leaders is mealymouthed bullshit about how they'll ask nicely for some changes to it. If you want more than that, this march standing up for immigrants and refugees will allow you to shout your message loud and clear, while you march from Foley Square to Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Manhattan office.
FREE, 5 p.m., February 1st, Foley Square, 111 Worth Street

LGBT Solidarity Rally
Donald Trump's status as a longtime member of the cosmopolitan elite has meant he hasn't outright focused on legislating against the LGBTQ community the way other Republicans have. That day is probably coming though, and in the meantime, immigrants and refugees need all the help they can get. Councilmember Corey Johnson, Immigration Equality, the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City and others will gather at the Stonewall Inn to rally against Trump's executive orders and stand for the people impacted by them.
FREE, 2 p.m, February 4th, Stonewall National Monument, Intersection of Christopher Street, Grove Street and West 4th Street

A protester makes a sign outside JFK Airport on Saturday (Julius Motal / Gothamist)

ReThinking the Gentrification Fight - Strategy & Team Building
Don't forget, Donald Trump started off as a New York City real estate developer and landlord. So, if you get involved in fighting gentrification today, you could stop the next Trump tomorrow. This initial meeting of anti-gentrification activists will focus on building a core team to plan strategy for larger actions and recruitment efforts.
FREE, 6:30 p.m., January 30th, Mayday Space, 176 St. Nicholas Avenue

Brooklyn Forum To Address The Needs of TGNC NY'ers
When it comes to the federal government standing up for the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, the immediate future looks pretty grim. So, it's up to liberal cities to put their money where their mouth is and figure out how to stand up with them. The Anti-Violence Project (recently profiled as a group standing up against creeping fascism) is holding a public forum with Make The Road, the Audre Lorde Project, City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and others to determine how the city and its residents can be allies.
FREE, 6 p.m., February 3rd, Brooklyn YWCA, 30 3rd Avenue

Postcard Write-In Marathon
Between these rapid-fire executive orders and the equally-rapid #response scrolling on your phone, there's something to be said for giving your eyes a break. This week, Williamsburg's rustic/curated "general store" Brooklyn Kitchen will be facilitating that eye-break, with another postcard write-athon amid the hand-carved spoons and artisan salts. Organizers are encouraging you to bring your own stamps, though stamped artist postcards will be available for purchase, proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. They'll also have pens on hand, and wine.
FREE, 5 p.m., February 2nd, The Brooklyn Kitchen, 100 Frost Street

Demystifying the Trump Administration: Take Action & Make Change
Just over a week into Trump's presidency, attorneys, activists and civil rights groups are already deep into the work of sussing out, and challenging, the apparently illegal and contradictory language in the orders coming out of Washington. Because knowledge is power (and can help you take action) sign up to spend the day with lawyers, academics, NYU student activists, and the like to "debunk and demystify what may actually change under the new administration."
FREE, 9 a.m., February 3rd, Kimmel Center for University Life, 60 Washington Square South

With Emma Whitford.