Inter-borough mingling has been suspended this weekend for those of you along the L line—PLEASE BE PATIENT! There will be absolutely no L trains running between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenue and Manhattan, but the MTA claims to be offering some sort of "shuttle bus" debauchery instead. They also suggest you use the the J, M and F trains, as if that makes up for the lost Craigslist Missed Connections potential .

This exercise in inefficiency will extend from 12:01 Saturday morning to 5:00 Monday morning (yes, another weekend of headaches). Also: There are no 1 trains between 14th St and South Ferry starting at 11:30 tonight, and 6 trains are an incorrigible mess, skipping stops uptown and running express at varying intervals downtown.

Witness the whole headache here. And as you're complaining, just remember that it's part of the MTA's "ongoing $11.2 billion Capital Rebuilding Program aimed at upgrading and maintaining our tracks, stations and signal systems in order to continue to provide our customers with safe and reliable service." Your soon-to-be $104 Metrocard will be so worth it!